Cinemagraph Photographer / GIF Maker & Creator

Joe is an experienced Cinemagraph photographer who specialises in shooting, creating and making Cinemagraphs and GIF’s. Joe’s been working with GIF’s and Cinemagraphs for around 4 years now and has created them for brands such as: Adidas, Shell, Loreal/Vichy, Direct Line and Another Austria.

Cinemagraphs are a new type of media that many brands are just starting to pick up on. Also known as GIFs or living or animated photos. They’re great for social media, digital advertising, online adverts and digital outdoor.

What is so good about creating GIF’s and Cinemagraphs is that they can be easily incorporated into an existing stills shoot. Meaning you can generate moving content without the hassle and expense of an additional shoot.

How Are Cinemagraphs Made?

Joe has developed a few different methods of creating Cinemagraphs and GIFs, that all fit into existing workflows. The method chosen depends on a couple of factors such as the animation required, the lighting style and final output requirements.

One technique involves using studio flash which means the look of the Cinemagraph or GIF can be identical to the look of the finished campaign stills. This is great for continuity across multiple media outputs and different channels.

Cinemagraph Artist and Maker

With Joe being equally adept at taking pictures, creating and shooting gifs and Cinemagraphs as well as directing video content. You or your brand can create a campaign with continuity across print, online, social and outdoor.

Cinemagraph Post Production

Joe is represented as a photographer by F65 Agency which is part of Smoke and Mirrors, this means that no matter the requirement there is the skills and knowledge to bring it to life. Smoke & Mirrors specialise in high end post production, CGi, editing and colour grading. This tied in with Joe’s close relationship to them means that the sky is the limit when creating GIFS and Cinemagraphs for your brand.

If you’re interested in Joe creating, shooting or making you a Cinemagraph just get in touch via his email or speak to Amanda his agent.

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Stopframe Animation

Some of the above animations above were collaborations with fantastic director Kris Hofmann, I highly recommend checking out her work and website here.